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TuneIn Collaborates With Harman

Companies promote the Ignite Store to automakers

image of TuneIn app in a car dashboard
Promotional image of the TuneIn app.

The fight for dashboard visibility continues among audio content providers. Streaming service TuneIn is now collaborating with Harman International in a partnership that targets carmakers.

“Together, Harman and TuneIn will join forces to create a pre-integrated implementation of the TuneIn app, bringing on-demand live sports, news, music, podcasts and radio to the Harman Ignite Store,” they announced.

The Ignite Store is a connected vehicle platform that Harman says lets automakers develop and operate their own in-vehicle app stores.

“Automotive manufacturers can leverage the Harman Ignite Store digital ecosystem to enable drivers to download a TuneIn app tailored to the in-car environment,” the companies stated.

“Through the app, TuneIn listeners can access audio content from around the world, while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

They said their scalable platform can be customized and added into an automaker’s development cycle, “allowing manufacturers to benefit from faster go-to-market timelines and gain the ability to tailor in-vehicle offerings to meet specific customer needs.”

Drivers will be offered a free trial subscription to TuneIn Premium and personalized content recommendations from the dashboard app.

The announcement was made by Harman Ignite Store VP Albert Jordan and TuneIn CEO Richard Stern.

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