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NextRadio Adds FM Radio Streaming Capabilities in Mexico

App offers streaming option for smartphones including iPhone users

NextRadio said it has launched FM radio streaming capabilities in Mexico for all smartphones, including an iOS version for iPhone mobile device users there.

“NextRadio is still committed to unlocking the FM chip in all phones but wanted to offer consumers the choice to listen to live local radio on any phone,” it stated in a press release. “NextRadio developed a streaming version until this goal becomes a reality.”

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The app normally uses the enabled FM chip in certain Android devices to tune to local FM stations; now it adds the option to stream on unsupported devices.

“We’re thrilled that NextRadio is now available for use on both iOS and Android devices in Mexico,” said Paul Brenner, president of parent entity TagStation. “We want to empower all users to enjoy local FM radio without having their content restricted by geographic location or choice of device.”

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