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NPR Inaugurates Show About Human Behavior

“Invisibilia” will explore human behavior

Beginning Jan. 9, 2015, National Public Radio will launch the pilot season of “Invisibilia,” a show from NPR’s Science Desk.

The program is dedicated to “ideas, beliefs, assumptions and thoughts” — what the producers call “the unseen forces that shape human behavior.” Initial topics will include disturbing thoughts, fear and expectations.

It was created and will be cohosted by Alix Spiegel, a founding producer at “This American Life,” and Lulu Miller, who helped to found “Radiolab.” Spiegel has been with the Science Desk for a decade, and Miller has been a science reporter with NPR since 2013.

Each of the six one-hour episodes will be available as a podcast at and excerpts will be included on NPR’s newsmagazines.

“Alix and Lulu show us how what scientists know sheds light on what we experience,” said Anne Gudenkauf, senior supervising editor of NPR’s Science Desk. “‘Invisibilia’ anchors its examinations with intimate accounts from real people living at the boundaries of our understanding of that new science.”