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NPR, WOI Sponsor Radio-Only Debate

NPR, WOI Sponsor Radio-Only Debate

NPR News and The WOI Radio Group are co-sponsoring a radio-only debate this primary season with the Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday, Jan. 6. The debate will take place at Iowa State University Extension campus, in Des Moines, Iowa from 1p.m. to 3 p.m. Central and will be moderated by NPR host Neal Conan. More than 243 public radio stations plan to carry the debate.
The debate will also be streamed live on To keep with the theme of a radio-only debate, there will be no television cameras, photographers or an audience in the studio during the debate.
a radio-only debate for a general or primary presidential election has not occurred since 1948, between Republican candidates Harold Stassen and Thomas Dewey, so says NPR’s Research division.