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NRB Lobbyist Sees a ‘Scholarly and Highly Professional’ FCC Developing Under Genachowski

Bob Powers comments after recent meeting of NRB officials with chairman

“A new, scholarly and highly professional FCC” is beginning to take shape.

That’s the assessment of one interested observer: Bob Powers, the head of government relations for the National Religious Broadcasters.

Powers writes in the NRB newsletter about the impact of new Chairman Julius Genachowski, who “has begun to tackle serious new communications issues, creating a backbone of new trends to come. Everything is on the table. Rules of the Web, broadband deployment, spectrum issues, LPFM, perhaps localism, and anything else you might think to include.”

The lobbyist for religious broadcasters said that he, NRB President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright and Senior Vice President of Communications & General Counsel Craig Parshall met with Genechowski recently. “He seemed truly engaged on our issues as he conversed with Dr. Wright, earnestly seeking our input,” Powers wrote. “That can be rare in this town.”

Where Genachowski stands on issues of import to religious broadcasters will become more apparent over time, Powers continued. “Does he have a hefty liberal agenda that will affect content, or will he remain focused on regulation that will truly help to promote increased communications ability for all? The latter is a tough job for anyone.” Among issues of importance to NRB at the commission are localism, EEO and broadband initiatives.

But, the NRB lobbyist says, “Washington insiders consider Genachowski an earnest student of technology — one who has surrounded himself with superior talent, a leader not intimidated by his staff, but freely calling upon their expertise when in settings with others. Many of these talented staffers have taken serious pay cuts simply to join Genachowski at the FCC. That, say insiders, speaks volumes of the type of leader that he is.”

Powers also said the chairman and his staff “seem very willing to hear from folks in all aspects of industry. We are told that our new FCC chairman is also very pro-business.”