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NRSC Reviewing Next Step for RBDS Guidelines

Members also determining whether to begin testing FM SSB-SC technology

Members of several subcommittees as well as the full committee of the National Radio Systems Committee are scheduled to meet Saturday afternoon in the LVH hotel, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton.

The NRSC is a standard-setting body sponsored by NAB and CEA.

The AM and FM Analog Broadcasting subcommittee is looking into FM stereo SSB-SC technology. That’s FM stereo transmission using single-sideband suppressed carrier modulation.

While the concept has been around for decades, it’s only recently that technology been available to implement it economically. The NRSC is trying to determine whether to initiate formal lab and field-testing of FM SSB.

The RBDS Subcommittee is reviewing the progress to date in drafting a user guideline and determine what remains to be done before seeking formal adoption.

This is an update of the previous RBDS guideline adopted which “harmonized” FM RDS and HD Radio data receiver displays so they looked the same. The group also plans to discuss a different guideline that covers metadata distribution throughout broadcast networks.