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NuVoodoo Study Shows Radio Number 2 on Echo

Potential for more audio-only media usage in the morning

Amazon Alexa is creating a buzz wherever people are talking about radio. But then, anything that promises to bring radio back into the home is bound to get lots of attention. A recent survey by NuVoodoo Media Services seems to be one more affirmation that the switch is on.

According to their survey of nearly 3,000 persons 14–54 across all PPM markets revealed that of 15.5% who own one or more Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speakers in their homes, 46% are listening to AM/FM radio through these devices. That’s a close second behind the top choice, weather, which led with 49.6%.

Even better, the survey notes a potential for greater audio-only listening in the morning, since nearly half of the respondents indicated they had a smart speaker in the bedroom. That last bit is good news for radio, bad news for local television, which claimed a large chunk of the morning audience for news and information when radio cut back on local news during consolidation.

Leigh Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Research Analysis, NuVoodoo Media Services said: “The data suggest that radio is getting usage on these smart speakers, but don’t think for a moment that habits have solidified yet. People are trying all sorts of different sources and services. With Amazon rolling out a lower-priced Echo, more households will have smart speakers in several rooms.”