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NYC Broadcast Site Upgrades With Shively Antenna

NYC Broadcast Site Upgrades With Shively Antenna

The broadcasting site on top of 4 Times Square in New York will soon sport a Shively Labs Model 6016 Panel antenna system designed to simultaneously broadcast HD Radio and analog systems.
The Durst Organization, owner of the building, is expanding the broadcast site on top of the tower as an alternate and backup site to the crowded Empire State Building, where many broadcasters migrated after the destruction of the World Trade Center. Eight FM stations currently use 4 Time Square, with a ninth soon to follow. The eight stations are now using a Shively Model 6017 antenna.
According to the company, “The new 4 Times Square FM antenna will be the first major multistation facility designed from inception to handle both HD and analog signals. The antenna is capable of handling 19 stations broadcasting simultaneously.”
The antennas are fed using a Shively Model 2540 Balanced Combiner system, and the site also uses a monitor and protect system from the company. Myat of Norwood, N.J. will supply the analog and digital transmission lines.