Omnia Ships 5,000, 'One' at a Time

Introduced it 2-1/2 years ago
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One thousand units is considered a good round number in many parts of the relatively small radio equipment manufacturing world.

Helped by having expanded its product from an FM-only application, Omnia Audio says it has shipped 5,000 Omnia.One audio processors in 2-1/2 years since the product rolled out.

The company thinks that makes this "one of the industry's most successful launches ever."

Omnia.One was introduced as an FM processor; the company now offers FM analog, AM, multicast/DAB, Internet streaming and studio processing versions.


Omnia Ships Two New Processors

Citing demand driven by HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio and networked delivery system cluster installations, Omnia Audio is shipping two new processors: Omnia One FM and Omnia.8X.