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One in 10 Use Mobile Internet or Video Weekly

Research firm says ‘early triers’ use both new and traditional media avidly

More than one in 10 Americans — 11% — now access mobile Internet or video every week.

Research company Knowledge Networks issued the statistic, describing these consumers as “early triers” who are avid users of both new and traditional media.

This segment spends 30% more time with media than the general population, the company says, and have higher incomes, travel on business regularly and are more likely to have made an online purchase.

Mobile media are now included in the company’s measurement for its MultiMedia Mentor, which tracks use of eight media as well as simultaneous use and profiles of shopping, dining and other characteristics.

“Users of mobile Internet or video spend 12% more time a day with TV than the general population, but its share of their total media time is lower (46% for mobile media users compared to 53% for gen-pop),” the firm continued. “The mobile media group also devotes 75% more time to Internet, which accounts for 26% of their media time (vs. 20% for the full population). Mobile Internet/video users also spend more time with videogames than they do with newspapers and magazines combined.”

(Of their total daily time spent with media, mobile Internet/video users spent 17% of their time with radio, compared to 18% for the general populace.)

The sample of 2,519 people ranged in age from 12 to 64.