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Operator of ‘Down South Radio 305’ Fined $10,000

FCC says Miami pirate station operated on 92.7 MHz

The FCC has fined Michael Gregory $10,000 for operating pirate station “Down South Radio 305” on 92.7 MHz in Miami, Fla.

Responding to a complaint in March, agents from the Miami office of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau monitored a station on that frequency, heard a person identify himself as “DJ Miami of 92.7 Heavy FM” and advertise the website: Agents tied Gregory to the site by finding his domain name registration as well as his photo online.

The agents traced the source of the transmission to an antenna on the roof of a commercial building in Miami. Records showed no one was authorized to operation a station on 92.7 MHz, nor at that location.

While waiting in the lobby for the building owner, the agents actually met Gregory. He took them to his leased suite, admitted he ran the station, and turned off the transmitter.

Gregory has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.