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O’Rielly Confirmed for New, Full FCC Term

Commissioner had been filling out Robert McDowell’s term

As lawmakers look to get out of Washington this week to end the 113th Congress, the Senate took care of some business related to the FCC and voted to approve Michael O’Rielly for a full, five-year term as an FCC commissioner.

O’Rielly, a Republican, had been filling out the term of Robert McDowell, which ended June 30.

O’Rielly was nominated for a full term in October.

On Twitter, O’Rielly said a major benefit of confirmation is “continuing work with my good colleagues.”

In congratulating O’Rielly, NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith said: “We deeply appreciate his commitment to public service, his grasp of difficult public policy issues and his acknowledgement of the enduring value of broadcast localism.”

“Mike has proven to be a hardworking, principled advocate for free markets, the rule of law and the consumer interest during his time at the commission. I’m proud to call him a friend and colleague, and I look forward to working closely with him in the years ahead,” saidfellow GOP Commissioner Ajit Pai.