O’Shaughnessy Speaks, Again

It’s the fourth tome for the prolific broadcaster
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William O’Shaughnessy, broadcaster, author and communications philosopher, has a new anthology out, “Vox Populi.”

O’Shaughnessy, a raconteur and scorn of government censorship, has been broadcasting from the Westchester, N.Y., area for decades. President and CEO of Whitney Radio, O’Shaughnessy is heard on WVOX(AM), a news-talk station with heavy local emphasis.

Over the years O’Shaughnessy has collected a number of awards; he’s a past president of the New York State Broadcasters and director of the National Association of Broadcasters.

Vox Populi” is a collection of editorials, essays, observations and interviews on topics from politics to the arts and pop culture.

His previous books are “AirWaves! A Collection of Radio Editorials from the Golden Apple,” “It All Comes Back to Me Now: Character Portraits from the Golden Apple” and “More Riffs, Rants and Raves.”

Fordham University Press is the publisher.