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Paulin Expands on ERI’s All-Pass Diplexer

NAB engineers also note the digital/analog transmission combining technology

Nicholas Paulin of Electronics Research Inc. gave spring NAB Show attendees a look at “A New Approach to High-Power Circulator Solutions for FM Dual-Input Antenna Systems.”

He has now updated some of the findings; he presented them to the recent IEEE Broadcast Symposium in Alexandria, Va.

In “An Update to the All-Pass Diplexer: Imperfect Conditions and How to Account for Them,” he addressed several issues with the technology and provided recent news. He was able to point to tests showing an increase in energy efficiency over earlier estimates.

The technology, which took a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award, at the show, is available in the ERI 788 Series Analog/IBOC Diplexer.

NAB’s Nov. 5 Tech Check (PDF) summarized Paulin’s recent presentation this week.