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Peak Likes Platformic

Site developer emphasizes ease of creating layouts and customization

Peak Broadcasting, a broadcaster with radio stations in the Boise, Idaho, and Fresno, Calif., markets, is using the Platformic Web design tool.

The CEO of Peak Broadcasting is Todd Lawley; the company uses Platformic to support its content and branding efforts. The project involved building a series of sites for 11 stations in Fresno and Boise.

Platformic calls itself an “end-to-end online Web development environment and content management platform” and said its service has been used to develop sites for companies like Comcast SportsNet, Bicoastal Media and Broadcast Company of the Americas.

Platformic says an unusual aspect is that users can create layouts “visually” and manage content from a browser quickly while maintaining look, feel and design integrity. It said Webmasters do not have to enter Photoshop files into Dreamweaver, FTP content to a site and enter code or rebuild the same elements repeatedly on every page. “Platformic takes flattened Photoshop files directly; Dreamweaver or other Web development software is not required. Programmatic elements of the Web site are made by pointing and clicking to add any of the dozens of ‘tools’ included with the enterprise edition.” Users, the company says, can update sites or change their entire look in minutes with no downtime.