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Bhardwaj Joins International Sales Team

He specializes in transmission, antennas and RF components

International Sales Team named Anil Bhardwaj as its specialist in transmission, antennas and associated RF components.

IST Sales Force Manager Roland Schaller said Bhardwaj has experience in engineering, sales and law, including a law degree.

Bhardwaj has worked as a sales manager and sales director, with global relationships particularly in South Asia and the Middle East. His background includes stints at Jampro and GatesAir.

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“Anil is particularly known for his work in the RF field working with high-power broadcast transmission systems including the antenna arrays, however he has also successfully delivered numerous turnkey studio, CTI, server, storage, and broadcast automation platforms and systems,” according to the announcement.

International Sales Team is a network of broadcast and media industry sales professionals for hire and deployment.

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