Pittsburgh Idol

KDKA is looking for talent
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CBS Radio Pittsburgh sports station KDKA(FM) is looking for on-air personality and they don’t care how they find it. The station will host a series of open auditions for locals.

Starting Saturday, May 25, the first of five auditions will be held at Beer and Pop 4 Less in Bridgeville, Pa.

A release helpfully explains what the judges will be looking for: “participants will be judged by station personnel on their ability to rant on a random sports topic.”

In a slightly different manner, KDKA Program Director Ryan Maguire said, “We’re looking for the next great Pittsburgh sports talk show host, someone who can grow into a superstar … We’re eager to see which member of this passionate fan base can take advantage of this very rare opportunity.”

A release also explains that auditioneers must be 18 years old and reside in the Pittsburgh area. Odds are that hating Philadelphia will be a plus.

Top performers will move onto a second round. Additional details and sites of other auditions can be found here.


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