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Podcaster Uses AT2020 USB

Austin Beeman speaks up for Audio-Technica's USB mic

Among the popular podcasts downloaded from the iTunes Web site is “Music for Midnight.” The creator and host is Austin Beeman.

Audio-Technica says Beeman uses an AT2020 USB as his microphone.

“I use the 2020 USB to record my own voice, which gives the lead-in at the top of every show,” he said.

According to A-T, Beeman said: “I have no formal training in broadcasting, so I really needed something that would make my voice sound great.”

Furthermore, he said: “I needed something that would provide professional-quality sound and make it sound like a studio, even though I’m recording it in front of my computer.”

The AT2020 USB is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that outputs it signal via a USB port.