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PodcastOne, Stitcher Content Dispute Goes Public

Norm Pattiz demands Stitcher removes podcast content; Stitcher says it has

A dispute between PodcastOne and Stitcher over program rights has gone public after efforts to settle the dispute privately failed.

PodcastOne has demanded that Stitcher remove PodcastOne programming from the Stitcher app; Stitcher says it has.

PodcastOne Chairman and CEO Norm Pattiz says there’s not a formal agreement between the two companies for Stitcher to distribute PodcastOne programming. He calls it an “ongoing problem” and says “enough is enough.”

“Podcasting is breaking through big time, not only with consumers but with advertisers as well. I see new players coming into the market, all touting technology that will allow them to grab podcasts for their subscribers,” says Pattiz. “Let this be a message — make sure you have secured the rights from content suppliers before you distribute programing you don’t have the rights to.”

Stitcher was recently acquired by Deezer, we’ve reported, and says in a statement the PodcastOne content has already been removed and Deezer hopes to quickly resolve the situation with PodcastOne.