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Podcasts Go From ‘Zero to Rush’ in 10 Months

Podcasts Go From 'Zero to Rush' in 10 Months

Seems like just a few months ago that the first podcasts were hitting the news (actually, it *was* just a few months ago).
Now the latest convert is Rush.
Limbaugh fans will be able to get the MP3 downloads of Rush content thanks to a deal this week by software company Maven Networks and service provider Akamai Technologies.
Premiere Radio Networks, syndication arm of Clear Channel, began delivering podcasts of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” on June 3. This means his fans can “time shift” the program and hear it on their device of choice when they want to.
The announcement, the companies said, “underscores the attention podcasting is receiving from commercial broadcasters in a time of heightened market competition and new broadcast options for consumer audiences.”
They think other podcasting technologies are targeted towards consumers, not commercial broadcasters. They quoted the VP of interactive at Premiere, Brian Glicklich, saying, “The business of over air broadcast radio is rapidly changing, with consumers demanding DVR-like functionality for radio. We chose podcasting as one of our top priorities for 2005.”