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Pop Artists Take the Presenter Seat

MiNT and Joe invite popular musicians to host radio programs

Ozark Henry

During the spring, commercial radio stations on either side of Belgium’s language border invited pop artists to host radio programs.

In view of the release of his new album “Us,” singer and composer Ozark Henry (his real name is Piet Goddaer) took the helm of French-language pop/rock formatted station MiNT. The singer hosted the station’s lunchtime session from 12 to 2 p.m., April 21–27.

“MiNT loves Ozark Henry,” said Eddy Duhoux, MiNT press officer. “During the entire week, listeners got to know more about what makes Ozark Henry’s heartbeat, his plans and dreams.”

The radio show preceded the artist’s MiNT private album release concert on April 27, staged exclusively for MiNT listeners.

On April 22, singer-songwriter Kris Wauters (part of the Flemish band Clouseau) aired the first episode of “Zot Gedraaid” (“Stir Crazy”), a weekly Saturday radio show on Joe, which ran until June 24. The two-hour (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.) program saw Wauters, for the first time, in the presenter seat of a radio station.

Zot Gedraaid invited a musician each week to talk about his or her music. Wauter’s first guest was TV personality Tom Waes, who provided information on the first record he ever purchased, the music that makes him move, and his favorite Dutch-language track.

“Making radio is like a dream come true for me,” said Wauters. “The program gave a different perspective into the life of media and music personalities. In the two-hour show, I want to highlight my guest’s ‘playlist of life’ — how about that?”

— Marc Maes

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