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Prism Sound Upgrades dScope III Software, Offers RDS Script

Prism Sound Upgrades dScope III Software, Offers RDS Script

Prism Sound has debuted version 1.2 of its dScope III audio analyzer software. It features a package of tools for acoustic measurements and another package for PC audio.
The acoustic package offers transducer/room test support covering dBSPL units; measurement microphone sensitivity and frequency response calibration; a transfer function using MLS, impulse response and FFT, or swept-sine method; a dynamic loudspeaker impedance measurement by use of an external ballast resistor in series with the drive unit; and analog I/O running optionally at 48 kHz as well as 96 and 192 kHz.
The company says the PC audio package is aimed at users who need to test the devices that appear as part of the PC’s audio system, such as sound cards and Bluetooth headsets.
Additional features of dScope include digital interface test tools such as carrier waveform and eye-pattern display, jitter measurement and AES3/IEC60958 channel status generation and analysis as well as support for higher sampling rates.
Prism also offers a free downloadable script for the dScope III that lets FM radio set manufacturers test Radio Data System, or RDS. RDS allows a receiver to tune to a stronger station automatically if it is running the same program at the same time, and also can be set to display brief text messages from broadcasters or reset the car clock.
The RDS test script adds RDS testing to other standard audio tests, including CD transport quality and multitone frequency response tests. The script enables test engineers to send RDS data via an FM transmitter to the device under test, and verify the result on the device’s RDS display.