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Pro Tools-Compatible Plug-In Channel Strip

Pro Tools-Compatible Plug-In Channel Strip

The Pro Tools-compatible ChannelStrip is a console channel-strip audio processing section with a TDM plug-in interface. It is intended to allow Pro Tools users to work as efficiently and interactively as they would with a dedicated mixing console.
Standard audio processing facilities are provided in the plug-in, including input gain/trim, expander/gate with integrated side-chain filter, compressor with integrated side-chain filter and six-band fully parametric 48-bit EQ.
here are six selectable filter types per band: peaking/parametric +/- 24 dB boost/cut per band, high shelf with adjustable dip, low shelf with adjustable dip, bandpass, high cut and low cut. There is a user-adjustable 255 sample delay, output gain/trim and high-resolution metering for each processing block. Price: $345 to $699.