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Probe 3 to Launch at NAB Radio Show

Probe 3 to Launch at NAB Radio Show

V-Soft Communications is introducing Probe 3 software at the NAB Radio show next week in Philadelphia. The Probe 3 interface has been modified to enhance use and has an upgrade to Windows XP themes.
Probe 3 maintains the features of Probe II and adds numerous new tools, including a polygon creation tool that lets users define a shape on the a map, calculate its area and population, as well as a D/U Ratio Study that permits D/U rations to be plotted on the map. This exercise is useful in booster studies. Probe 3 also includes a new data research engine that can search by such criteria as service type, licensee, city of license and distance. For more information, stop by the V-Soft booth, number 436, at the NAB Radio Show or go to