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Programmatic Trading Is Radio Show Topic

Experts from Marketron, Jelli, OMD, Clear Channel, Triton Digital expected

Programmatic trading is a panel topic at the upcoming Radio Show.

Business software company Marketron and Jelli, a provider of a radio programmatic ad platform, will take part in the discussion next Wednesday in Indianapolis. They’ll be joined by media experts from Clear Channel, OMD and Triton Digital.

Programmatic buying, widely adopted in online advertising, is expected to represent $9 billion in trading this year.

Advertisers and their agencies are on record stating that they would like to enable programmatic trading across their entire media buys, representing as much as 50% of all media spending. The upcoming panel will work to look beyond the hype to explore how both broadcast and digital radio alike can benefit from this impending technological shift, what short and long-term opportunities programmatic presents and how radio stands to uniquely capitalize on programmatic buying.

The Sept. 10 panel begins at 1:15 in Room 109 of the Indiana Convention Center.