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Audacy Trumpets “AudioX Super Listeners”

It releases its second “State of Audio” ebook

What is an AudioX super listener? Someone who consumes audio “ravenously” across broadcast and podcasting platforms. 

So says Audacy, which believes it is outperforming other audio media companies with that group of listeners.

Audacy released its second “State of Audio” e-book, featuring “insights relevant to the listeners, creators and advertisers revolutionizing audio.”

Under the header “Move over, P1s,” the report states: “Listeners who jump from radio to podcasts and back throughout the day are blossoming into a valuable super-listener audience: the AudioX Listener. These listeners come for the connection and the content (every bit of it, even listening fully through ads). They tune in for more hours per week. Their trust is sky-high. And they are ready for brand messages.”

Audacy says these folks skew younger, are financially comfortable and are well educated. And the company says it outperforms Spotify, iHeart and Pandora on an index of AudioX listeners to average U.S. adults.

The Audacy audio ebooks aim to raise awareness about audio in general and soften the ground for Audacy’s sales pitch as an audio platform provider in particular. The content will be of interest to anyone involved in managing or selling OTA or online audio.

Among data points in the report:

  • Audio revenue outpaced video in 2021. Audacy cited the IAB Advertising Revenue Report showing that audio streaming revenue is up +59% year over year, while audio streaming growth is outpacing investments in video, social and search.
  • Audio usage has eclipsed TV, including CTV, it said.
  • “Audio reaches everyone, with 99% of U.S. adults reporting using audio monthly,” Audacy wrote, citing Nielsen data, “and that’s more than the total use of TV, including connected devices.”
  • Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to stream audio than video, it said, based on MRI Simmons data.
  • Time spent listening on AM/FM streaming and podcast content has increased +64% from 2015 to Q1 2022, it said, based on Edison Research data.

The ebook is free to download.