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Edison Research Announces Top 50 U.S. Podcasts

Once again, The Joe Rogan Experience steals the show

Edison Research has released its comprehensive list of the top podcasts in the U.S. based on audience size for Q1 2022.

The U.S. Top 50 Podcast chart ranks the 50 biggest podcasts via the measurement service Edison Podcast Metrics. Measurements are based on actual podcast listening, not downloads, and do not require an opt-in from podcast networks, according to the company.

“Participants indicate which podcasts they listened to in the past week along with a variety of demographic, psychographic, and purchase behavior information.,” said Edison in a company press release.

Survey results are then coded, analyzed and eventually calculated to be expressed as the percentage of weekly podcast listeners reached by that network.

The top 10 shows based on measurement from Q2 2021 – Q1 2022 are as follows:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience 
  2. Crime Junkie
  3.  The Daily
  4. This American Life
  5.  My Favorite Murder (up from #6 in Q4 2021)
  6.  Stuff You Should Know
  7.  Office Ladies
  8.  Dateline NBC (enters the top 10)
  9.  The Ben Shapiro Show (enters the top 10)
  10.  Call Her Daddy

Much like it did in Q4 of 2021, The Joe Rogan Experience, a long-form interview and conversation podcast run by comedian Joe Rogan, continues to sit at the top of the list. Crime Junkie claims the #2 seat, moving up from its spot as #3 in Q4 2021.

Edison Research Director of Research Gabriel Soto said, “Despite a turbulent and controversial ride for Joe Rogan at the beginning of the quarter, his show not only remains the most popular in the U.S., but it has increased in listenership – distancing itself from the number two spot.”

Other top 10 changes include My Favorite Murder, which is up from #6 in Q4 2021, as well as Dateline NBC and The Ben Shapiro Show, both of which entered the top 10 this year.

The top-50 list was compiled by Edison after gathering 8,000 online interviews with weekly podcast consumers in the U.S. aged 18 and older.

The full list is below.

For information about Edison Podcast Metrics contact Edison Research SVP Melissa Kiesche at [email protected]