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iHeart Continues to Dominate Podtrac Charts

Downloads from top publishers are up 31% from a year ago

The first five names on Podtrac’s list of top podcasts held steady in April, though there was movement farther down the list. 

Its April ranking of the top 20 podcasts based on U.S. unique monthly audience appears in the chart at bottom of this story. The New York Times continues as No. 1 with “The Daily.”

“My Favorite Murder” from Exactly Right entered the list at No. 6. Podcast One’s “The Jordan Harbinger Show” jumped three slots. Slipping in the rankings include Fox News Radio’s Hourly Newscast, “CNN 5 Things” and NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

iHeartRadio, NPR and Wondery lead the separate list of top podcast publishers. Those three companies combined have a total of more than 850 shows. 

The average U.S. Unique Monthly Audience for the top 20 publishers was down 2% month-over-month but up 16% over April 2021. Total Global Downloads for the group were down 5% month-over-month and up 31% year-over-year.

Podtrac said that iHeart alone had 441.5 million global streams and downloads in April, with a U.S. unique monthly audience of almost 31.3 million. Still, both of those numbers were down a bit from the month before even as the company added to its number of shows.