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iHeart, NPR Have Their Prints All Over Podtrac Rankings

Measurement company releases its latest monthly report of top publishers and podcasts

The latest rankings from Podtrac demonstrate the continued strong role in the U.S. podcasting space that is played by companies with radio roots.In the chart for September 2021, seen below, iHeartMedia and NPR have by far the most US unique monthly audience, global streams and downloads among publishers that use Podtrac’s free measurement system for their shows.

Of course, iHeart and NPR would insist that they are not radio companies now but multimedia, multi-platform organizations. But it’s still interesting to see how entities that grew first out of radio show up so strongly in the sector. A radio heritage, it turns out, gives you good genes for podcasting. (But we knew that.)

Other familiar radio industry names like Cumulus, PRX, WNYC, Fox News Radio and American Public Media also make the list.

Chart of top podcast publishers from Podtrac for Sept. 2021

(For comparison here is a link to the August rankings.)

Meanwhile as seen below, NPR has six of the top 20 podcasts that measure with Podtrac, as ranked by U.S. unique monthly audience, though “The Daily” from the New York Times continues to dominate the rankings from the top slot.

Chart from Podtrac of top podcasts in US from Sept 2021

(Here’s a link to the August version of the above.)

Rankings are based on the company’s proprietary measurement methodology.

For the monthly Top Publishers Ranking, Unique US Monthly Audience is the number of audience members who listen to any shows from a given publisher that month. Individuals may listen to multiple shows or multiple episodes of shows from a publisher in a month, but they are only counted once in the metric.

For the monthly Top Podcasts Ranking, UMA is the number of audience members who listened to the show in the given month. Individuals may listen to multiple episodes of a podcast in a month but are only counted once.