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Majority of Broadcast Engineers Got a Raise, 2022 Survey Says

SBE-certified engineers also made more money annually

The Society of Broadcast Engineers recently published the results from its seventh-annual compensation survey to determine salary levels and benefits among radio and TV broadcast engineers.

Conducted from April 1 to June 3, 2022, the anonymous, 23-question survey gathered information about job titles, broadcast market size, experience and certifications held, among other demographic data.

According to survey highlights shared with Radio World, of the 275 respondents, 65% of which work in radio, 67% reported that they received a raise in the last 12 months. Of those who received raises, the majority reported a 2-3% increase in salary.

(Photo via SBE)

Survey highlights also indicate that the bulk of respondents were between the ages of 51-69 and had anywhere from 21 to 50 years of experience. This data emphasizes recent concerns about radio engineers “aging out” of their profession as the median age skews to the right.

(Photo via SBE)

When respondents were asked about which, if any, certifications they held, nearly 50% of certifications came from the SBE. For those respondents who worked solely in radio, survey results show that the average salary with SBE certification was $91,711 while those without said certification made $84,352 annually.

(Photo via SBE)

“As our survey and industry surveys before have shown, individuals who hold SBE Certification on average earn a higher salary than those who do not hold SBE Certification,” said SBE President Andrea Cummis. “It pays to be SBE-certified.”

The complete results of the survey are available at no charge to SBE members. The survey is available through the SBE Bookstore.

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