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Maps Identify Top-Earning Podcasts by Country

Debt consolidation firm put together these estimates by country and genre

An interesting new series of infographic maps attempts one sort of answer to the common question, “Who is making money off of podcasting?”

The maps identify top-earning podcasts by country and by several popular genres.

The company that put them together believes the highest-earning podcast, in the United States and globally, is “The Joe Rogan Experience” with $72.3 million in what it calls “potential earnings.”

Click to enlarge.

They think Europe’s top-earning podcast is comedy show “Sh**ged Married Annoyed,” with an estimated annual value of $10.6 million. And the highest-earning business podcast is U.S. show “The GaryVee Audio Experience” with $6.3 million.

The overall global map is fun to browse; click the image at right to see it enlarged. (A link to the full set of maps is at the end of this story.)

These were put together by financial blog Top Dollar Financial Insights Hub, which is part of debt consolidation company Accredited Debt Relief, working with UK-based content marketing agency NeoMam Studios (the latter produces “creative content that online audiences will want to share and journalists will want to write about”).

They did a similar project last year called YouTube Moneymakers, identifying the most popular YouTuber in various countries and estimating their earnings.

in issuing the podcast infographics, they noted that there are an estimated 850,000 active podcasts and 30 million podcast episodes, but that the industry’s revenue is estimated at less than $1 billion dollars right now.

Big media companies like iHeartMedia believe there is a lot more to be made in podcasting, and have made investments in the infrastructure and analytics to build that business, as seen in IHM’s launch of a programmatic “private marketplace” just this week.

Describing their process, the mapmakers say they compiled the top 20 podcasts in various countries across Spotify and Apple lists using Chartable, found the podcasts on Castbox and recorded the number of plays, number of overall episode and the number of episodes in the last 12 months.

“Following the calculation that Castbox sees about 2% of overall plays, Top Dollar multiplied the number of plays by 50 and calculated the number of plays by episode,” the organization stated in a press release.

“The team went on to estimate the potential earnings in the last 12 months by assuming three 60 second ads per episode and taking CPM values from AdvertiseCast.”

It then applied the same process for several specific genres as well.

See all the maps here: