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Rare Microphones to Be Featured at NAB, AES Events This Week

The Audio History Library will present "Milestones in Microphones" Oct. 19 and 20

The Audio History Library (AHL) will present a collection of rare microphones at the co-located AES Show and NAB Show New York events Oct. 19 and 20.

The exhibit “Milestones in Microphones” will be on display to attendees at the Jacob Javits Center in Booth 247.

AHL said the microphones “are much like the ones that starred in historic events,” such as the Oxford English Dictionary’s first entry for the word “Microphone” in 1683 and the invention of Alexander Graham Bell’s and Elisha Gray’s transmitters in 1876.

The rare microphones feature will include:

1901 Western Electric 143W “receiver”
1922 Western Electric 1-A double button
1929 RCA 4-AA/AP black cube with NBC badges
1929 Western Electric 618-A dynamic
1934 Shure 40-C condenser
1936 Telefunken Ela M 102 dynamic
1938 RCA 44-BX “Junior Velocity” ribbon
1938 RCA 77-B ribbon
1940’s surprise by Neumann
1954 Stephens Tru-Sonic OD-1 – First wireless mic
1980’s NADY HT-3 handheld and Pro 410 receiver – Second wireless mic

For more information on AHL, visit its website.

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