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These Are U.S. Radio’s Top Advertisers

Media Monitors releases its 2021 rankings

U.S. radio stations have reason to be happy with Procter & Gamble and Uncle Sam right now.

According to a new report from Media Monitors, P&G was the number one parent advertiser on U.S. radio in 2021 based on the number of spots run. The consumer products goods company allocated 9 million spots to radio, more than to local cable or broadcast TV, and aired a whopping 71% more instances year-over-year on radio compared to 2020.

The U.S. government, which held the top spot in 2019 and 2020, fell to number 2.

On a separate list of the top individual radio accounts, job search service Indeed was number one, jumping from the ninth position a year earlier.

Among other findings, Media Monitors said Progressive Insurance aired fewer spots in 2021, and that Babbel, the language-learning service new to the list last year, rose to number three from number five

Across all of radio, local cable and broadcast TV combined, Procter & Gamble was the top parent advertiser for the second year in a row, while GEICO was again the number one advertising account.

The two radio charts are shown below.