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TikTok Radio Draws Some Attention

"It has the ability to impact every music radio station in the country"

Bella Poarch on TikTok
As part of the rollout, social media personality Bella Poarch promoted her “TikTok Tastemakers Playlist.” She is among the platform’s top content creators, with 70 million followers.

Fred Jacobs says radio managers need to pay attention to TikTok Radio.

The longtime consultant and president of Jacobs Media Strategies dedicated a blog post to the topic Wednesday.

He writes that TikTok Radio “has the ability to impact every music radio station in the country – whether you play Country, Top 40, Classic Rock, or Hip-Hop.”

The music channel is a collaboration of TikTok, SiriusXM and Pandora that will launch this summer. It was announced Monday.

The companies say “the channel will feel like a radio version of the platform’s ‘For You’ page” and feature “a diverse group of TikTok creators showcasing trending music and stories behind the songs throughout each day, as well as a weekly music countdown dedicated to TikTok’s top trending tracks.”

Jacobs writes that when SiriusXM debuts a feature or product, “it should be on our radar screens. But sadly, most radio execs give SXM precious little thought.”

He thinks the launch is important because of its music discovery aspects, its emphasis on teen consumers and the fact that once again, SiriusXM is embracing the word “radio” even as so many broadcast companies seem to be running away from it.

Read his blog.