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Westwood One Renews Deal With TM Studios

Agreement covers barter representation and audio services

Westwood One, the national audio arm of Cumulus Media, has extended its contract with jingle and audio branding company TM Studios. 

“Westwood One originally purchased TM Studios in 2009 and subsequently sold the company to former TM executives Greg Clancy, Dave Bethell and Chris ‘UK’ Stevens in November 2020,” it said in its announcement.

“Under the new agreement, Westwood One continues as TM’s exclusive domestic barter representation agent, and TM continues to supply Westwood One’s syndication partners, including many Cumulus radio stations, with station jingles, commercial jingles and production music.

“TM also acquires the additional assets of the Drake Chenault catalog and all intellectual property associated with TM’s former product lines HitDisc and GoldDisc.”

TM Studios has facilities in Dallas, Los Angeles, Manchester and other locations.

The announcement was made by Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes and TM Studios CEO Greg Clancy (the latter said in the release that “Westwood One has been like family to TM for over a decade.”)

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