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Xperi Says Pandemic Put Emphasis on Dashboard

Company says its survey shows the ongoing importance of radio

Xperi, Engine Insights, car dashboard, radio listenership date, Millennials, Gen-Z, automobile audioXperi says the pandemic has increased the importance of personal vehicle and in-dash infotainment, and that “this is especially true for Millennials and Gen Z.”

It cites a survey of about 1,000 adults in the United States that was conducted in January on behalf of Xperi subsidiary DTS, which released the findings.

Xperi makes automotive technology platforms like DTS AutoSense, DTS AutoStage and HD Radio, and it is highlighting results of the survey that support the importance of car radio, personalization and hybrid radio features.

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“Close to half (47%) of all vehicle owners feel their personal vehicle is more important than ever to them today versus pre-COVID, with only 6% saying their vehicle is less important as they no longer commute, according to the survey,” the company stated.

“The survey also found that nine out of 10 vehicle owners say it is important to have radio in their dashboard, with nearly 80% of Millennials valuing radio in the dashboard more than their generational counterparts (Gen Z/GenX/Boomers). The pandemic has also changed content consumed in-vehicle, and the significance of in-vehicle dashboard entertainment personalization has increased.”

It found that 91% of vehicle owners believe it is important to have radio in their dash, with 72% saying it is indispensable or very important.

The survey was done by Engine Insights. Xperi quoted Eric Corliss of the survey company saying it was notable that Millennials value radio in the dashboard so highly.

Xperi also said the survey supports the importance of personalization, cost-free content and “service following,” being able to continue listening to a station digitally when the car has gone out of broadcast range. That’s a feature of hybrid radio platforms like the company’s DTS AutoStage.



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