Public File Rules Eased

Public File Rules Eased
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Because radio and TV stations have been targets of anthrax scares, the FCC granted NAB’s request to waive a portion of the station public file rules for 60 days, through Dec. 23. The association asked that stations be excused from retaining in their public files all written comments and suggestions received from the public regarding station operation and programming that may be considered violent.
“The circumstances now prevailing are extraordinary, involving as they do, a biological attack of as yet uncertain dimensions but certainly directed, in part, against United States media outlets,” stated Mass Media Bureau Chief Roy Stewart in the order granting the waiver “in order to minimize any public health threat to station personnel.


Show Me the Public File

Although a majority of Missouri radio stations complied with Public Inspection File requests in a recent study, one in five licensees failed to produce Issues-Programs Lists upon demand during station visits.