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Rack-Mount HD-R Tuner Coming From Cambridge SoundWorks

Rack-Mount HD-R Tuner Coming From Cambridge SoundWorks

More details are now available about the upcoming HD Radio tuner from Cambridge SoundWorks.
The SoundWorks Tuner 850HD expected to ship to retailers in November is aimed at custom home audio installers. The rack-mounted unit features three signal outputs (two digital and one analog). An infrared remote control is included for “line of sight” control. In addition, the tuner features a vocabulary of commands to support remote user interface panels common in custom installation. In addition to its “F” connector input for FM, the SoundWorks Tuner 850HD includes an external AM antenna on a long signal lead, allowing placement away from local sources of AM interference.
Like the tabletop version, the product will retail for just under $300, available at retailers, online or the company catalog.