Radio Guyana Begins Broadcasting

Station to broadcast 24-hour music format
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Radio Guyana Incorporated began broadcasting on Dec. 6, 2012, on 89.5(FM) and 89.7(FM), the first of 10 stations awarded a new radio license in January 2012 to begin operations, news sources say. This development marks the breakdown of a long-term government monopoly on the country’s radio, according to the Knight Center.

The station plays a wide variety of popular music — ranging from R&B to Bollywood to chutney to reggae to Soca to hip-hop. NCN Guyana says that although its format is based on music, it will also air daily religious programming aimed at the country’s primary religious groups (Christians, Hindus and Muslims), as well as public information broadcasts.

The station, which is also streaming online, is hosted in the TVG building in Georgetown.


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