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Radio Just One of Many Choices for Pandora Listeners

Kassof asked 18–64s if Pandora site was down, what they would listen to instead

Radio is just one of many music alternatives for Pandora listeners, according to research from Mark Kassof & Co.

That means Pandora listening is not coming all at traditional radio’s expense, says the programming consultant. “Pandora has at least as much in common with iPods and other music-only sources as it does with radio, probably more,” writes Mark Kassof. “The best strategy for radio is to do what Pandora and the others can’t — connect with listeners on a personal and emotional level.”

When asked to think about what they would listen to if Pandora wasn’t available, or what Pandora listening takes the place of, 55% of respondents said they would turn to other PC-based entertainment. More specifically, 52% would turn to YouTube.

FM/AM radio and iPod/mp3 players come next, tied at 49%, followed by phones, TV and CDs.

Multiple responses were permitted.

The research findings are based on 349 online surveys with 18–64-year-olds who said they had listened to Pandora in the past two days, conducted in early February.