Radio Just One of Many Choices for Pandora Listeners

Kassof asked 18–64s if Pandora site was down, what they would listen to instead
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Radio is just one of many music alternatives for Pandora listeners, according to research from Mark Kassof & Co.

That means Pandora listening is not coming all at traditional radio’s expense, says the programming consultant. "Pandora has at least as much in common with iPods and other music-only sources as it does with radio, probably more,” writes Mark Kassof. “The best strategy for radio is to do what Pandora and the others can’t — connect with listeners on a personal and emotional level."

When asked to think about what they would listen to if Pandora wasn’t available, or what Pandora listening takes the place of, 55% of respondents said they would turn to other PC-based entertainment. More specifically, 52% would turn to YouTube.

FM/AM radio and iPod/mp3 players come next, tied at 49%, followed by phones, TV and CDs.

Multiple responses were permitted.

The research findings are based on 349 online surveys with 18–64-year-olds who said they had listened to Pandora in the past two days, conducted in early February.