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Radio Marti Uses Sierra Gear in Upgrade

Radio Marti Uses Sierra Gear in Upgrade

Radio Marti, a Miami-based station that broadcasts to Cuba, used several Sierra Automated Systems products in its recent digital upgrade project. The SAS-64000 Audio Routing Switcher and two SAS-32000 Audio Routing Switchers were installed in Radio Marti’s Master Control in Miami.

Marti decided that a router system that could handle combined digital and analog audio would be preferable to using a digital-only router, augmented by the old analog router.

The SAS-64000 is used for primary audio routing in the Radio Marti Operation, including control rooms, studios, desktop workstations, office monitors and the technical operations center. One SAS-32000 generates 10 simultaneous mix-minus audio paths for telephone and remote/field operations. The second SAS-32000 is the intercom/IFB system for all technical locations, headphone positions, telephone hybrids and remote/field location.