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Radio Show: Radio Consortium on Connected Car Floated

Projections peg 140 million connected cars on the road by 2017

As automakers, the companies who design and manufacture their infotainment systems and broadcasters grapple with changes in the so-called “digital-dashboard,” radio should make sure broadcasters have a voice in the discussion.

That’s according to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. He’s floated the idea of an industry consortium being formed to protect radio’s place in the dash. “Radio needs a voice” … to ensure that radio has a seat at the connected car table, he told a room full of attendees at a connected car session here at the Radio Show in Orlando.

“We’re hoping this gets some lift and becomes a reality,” Jacobs told Radio World afterwards.

Getting involved in the future of the dashboard discussion is important, experts here believe, because Strategy Analytics projects there will be 140 million connected cars on the road globally by 2017.

Other takeaways: Jacobs and Strategy Analytics’ Roger Lantcot urge broadcasters to drive connected car, let OEMs know that radio wants to be a part of the connected car’s future.

“Rethink HD Radio. Most OEMs believe the technology is a major player in the connected car, especially because of the big data pipe,” said Jacobs.

Both experts touched on their discussions with automakers and system and device makers, noting that as new infotainment systems come online, consumers can be confused about all the options available to them.