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Radio Still Has Strong Appeal, Survey Company Says

Radio Still Has Strong Appeal, Survey Company Says

“Americans rate the importance and relevance of local commercial radio very highly, despite the entry of high-technology competition,” according to American Media Services, which took a survey. The company is a radio brokerage and engineering firm.
Highlights: 78 percent said radio is important in their everyday lives; 91 percent said radio is important in American life in general; nearly three-quarters said they listen to radio at least once a day.
“People are continuing to listen to their local, free radio stations,” said Ed Seeger, president and CEO of the company.
He also noted another recent survey from Arbitron and Edison Media Research that revealed 77 percent of Americans expect to continue to listen to their radio in the future as much as they are today.
AMS said the availability of music, news and reports on weather and traffic continues to be the most often cited reasons for listening to the radio.
“Radio doesn’t need to reinvent itself. It just needs to get its story out in the marketplace,” Seeger said.
The survey details are posted online.

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