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Radiologik Automates on the Mac

User Report: Virginia broadcaster fines success, security

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — The decision to select Radiologik DJ and Scheduler came after our station was convinced that we needed to move from a Windows-based platform to a Mac system.

Several factors were considered; greater reliability, less vulnerability and station-wide integration of operations were three. Our conclusion was that a Mac-based system offered all of these.

We need reliability to, of course, operate the station’s programming. We want to avoid crashes. Day or night, we want our programming on the air whether attended or unattended. Macs are noted for their reliability.

One of the reasons Macs are reliable is because they are less vulnerable than other PCs to viruses that cause crashes or destroy valuable software or program files.

Our station also was interested in leveraging the office and media-related applications that Apple offered.

Email; interoffice communication, from sharing chats to appointments; Web publishing; creating and distributing station publicity or programming with others outside through social media — all of these activities and more were available in every computer Apple offered. And when networked with a Mac server, these resources could be available in the office, in the field or on the road using portable devices in the Apple family.

Mac solutions

For the broadcaster, though, one important element was missing from the Mac system: broadcast software to operate station programming.

Radiologik DJ and Scheduler are made by MacinMind Software, one of the few Mac-based software providers specifically for radio.

After downloading the demo version, checking out the features and talking with developer Jay Lichtenauer of MacinMind Software, we were convinced that Radiologik DJ and Scheduler could handle all of the radio operations that we required. Whether live-assist or full automation, the software provided the all-important playback of our Christian music, teaching and information format for our two stations and web stream in a seamless stream of audio through DJ.

Playback is commanded through the Scheduler software package. While there’s a bit of a learning curve, mainly to get accustomed to some of the terminology, the software is intuitive. When interpretation or explanation is needed, the software manual and how-to videos produced by Jay are available to guide us. If we are really stuck, Jay has been quick to answer email to provide tech support or speak personally on the phone.

Radiologik relies on iTunes as the basis for storing program material. It’s an application with which many in and outside radio are familiar. Some additional features in DJ and Scheduler allow you to fine-tune the audio quickly and efficiently.

Having used broadcast automation systems and software since 1983, we have found Radiologik DJ and Scheduler to be the best choice by far. Pete Stover is general manager of WWED(FM)/WWEM(FM).

For information, contact Jay Lichtenauer at MacinMind Software in Illinois at (847) 603-8865 or visit

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