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Radioscape Delivers Emergency Info in Tunnels

DETS II breaks into DAB programs seamlessly to deliver messages

News from the just-concluded IBC convention in Amsterdam:

RF leaky feeder systems are common in tunnels to deliver break-in messages to alert drivers to emergency or hazardous situations. For AM and FM systems, such break-ins can be instantaneous, with DAB the need for the tuner to rescan when it encounters new ensembles can mean an emergency alert is not delivered for in time for the driver to take appropriate action.

The DETS II DAB Emergency Tunnel System from Radioscape is designed to solve this problem.

By duplicating the over-the-air configuration of the DAB service and having a subchannel replacer (SCR) ETI stream ready to switch on, DETS II ensures a seamless switchover in the event of an emergency.

Built on the new Tritium hardware platform, DETS II improves upon the original Radioscape emergency service platform introduced in 2004. It requires less rackspace and offers a simplified user interface. The system supports a wide mix of data rates, languages and Eureka-147 service modes.