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RadioTime Joins Google TV

Also launches Song Search technology

Internet radio portal RadioTime has made possibly its biggest partnership yet, and it’s not a radio station.

Google TV has selected RadioTime as a member of its elite Spotlight Gallery. The gallery acts something like a computer desktop, presenting selected, choice links. The grouping includes YouTube, Amazon VOD, CNN, CNET, the New York Times, Cartoon Network, HBO GO, TNT, The Onion and USA Today.

Google TV users will be able to access RadioTime’s 50,000+ radio stations from the Google TV GUI.

For those behind the curve, Google TV is an Internet-only media aggregator that, with the backing of Google, makes more than a few broadcasters, cable TV and advertising executives nervous.

In other RadioTime news, the company announced the official launch of its Song Search technology. It gives users the ability to search whether a particular song or artist is playing or will be soon at any of the RadioTime links. The expansive technology also allows for genre or prediction searches.

Bill Moore, CEO of RadioTime, put it this way in the announcement: “Beyond simply searching by broad genres of music, finding specific songs also gives users the ability to discover music, artists and stations that fit their tastes.” He called it “a whole new way of discovering the unique programs and personalities only radio can offer — as opposed to using streamed, sterilized playlists.”