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× Simplifies and Speeds Contracts

System is built around modules; integrates into a station’s existing operation. offers a traffic, logging and billing system for standalone radio stations and groups. Features include online order entry, multiple simultaneous user access and compatibility with various automation systems.

RadioTraffic software is designed to integrate into a station’s existing operation. Stations choose and pay for building blocks and capabilities they need.

Included in the modular design are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SFA (Sales Force Automation) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules. These sales tools integrate with the regular traffic functions of order entry, logs and billing to consolidate names, addresses, phone numbers and callback times.

Enterprise Resource Planning integrates planning, operations and order tracking. The Customer Relationship Management CRM module provides customer callback history, sales, marketing, production and rate management. The Sales Force Automation module generates sales proposals, tracks telephone prospecting and sales projections, and assists training of future sales staff.