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Radio/TV Website Completed for American Forces Overseas

Radio/TV Website Completed for American Forces Overseas

Web Developer First MediaWorks has completed a radio/TV Website for American Forces Network Europe. The site ( will give U.S. military and government personnel in Europe closer ties to their local communities in 11 different German and Italian cities hosting U.S. forces, according to FMW President Chad Meisinger.
The new site provides 24/7 online access to local community news and activities at AFN stations, offering radio and television schedules, audio and video from AFN reporters, information on currency exchange rates, local weather and more. It also features updated polls and surveys on subjects ranging from listeners’ favorite new songs to music preferences.
AFN North communities and duty stations covered include Bavaria, Hessen, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, SHAPE, and Wuerzburg, while AFN South communities include Vincenza, La Maddalena, Livorno, Naples and Sigonella.
AFN Europe Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Edrington stated, “Personnel can retrieve locally oriented information that can enhance their duty experience. Families and friends back home can also access the site, too, gaining a better understanding of what their loved ones are experiencing here in Europe.”