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Ravenna Submitted for Standardization

AES, EBU technical committees considering AoIP platform

The Ravenna audio-over-IP platform has been submitted to Audio Engineering Society and European Broadcasting Union standardization bodies, according to its lead developer, ALC NetworX.

Ravenna handles real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based networks operating over existing network infrastructures. It is designed for low latency, signal transparency and high reliability, according to its developers. Partner companies for the technology include Genelec, Lawo, Merging Technologies, Innovason, DirectOut, Schoeps, LSB / VSM Control and DSA Volgmann.

Ravenna was presented to the AES WG SC-02-12 and the AES Technical Committee on Networked Audio Systems during the 130th AES Convention, held in London in May. ALC NetworX and its Ravenna partners are also participating in the current SC-02-12-H Task Group for audio interoperability over high-performance IP networks (X192).

At the EBU Networks 2011 seminar in late June, Ravenna was presented to the EBU Expert Community on Networks.

Ravenna was developed with the professional broadcasting market as its central concern, however, it is expected to find uses in related pro-audio segments, including live sound, installations and recording.