RDL Has Upgrade Deal on Synchronous AM Noise Monitors

RDL Has Upgrade Deal on Synchronous AM Noise Monitors
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Radio Design Labs is running a promotion through the end of the year aimed at users of its amplitude component monitors. The products are used for controlling synchronous AM noise, variations in FM transmission bandwidth that aggravate multipath artifacts to the listener.
Owners of ACM-1 and ACM-2 models - the company says there are thousands in the field - can obtain an upgrade kit to the new ACM-3 through SCMS, an RDL stocking distributor, for a discounted price of $370. The kit includes a chassis and power supply.
RDL said benefits of the upgrade include a new signal processing/display chassis, switchable filters, high-brightness LED string display, calibration and three-year warranty.
An optional mount can be used to place the ACM-3 above a transmitter metering bridge; another option is a portable carrying case.
The retail price of a complete ACM-3 is $850, which includes the detector.
The ACM-3 is said to help FM stations keep signal quality as clean as possible by maintaining clarity, maximizing stereo separation and reducing subcarrier crosstalk.
Product info is at www.rdlnet.com/acm-3.htm. For sales info call (800) 438-6040.